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Benguela Health Center (completed project)
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Project title: Benguela Health Center

Location:  Benguela city in Angola

Construction area: 1940.1 m2

Owner: Angola's Ministry of Health,

Commencement time: 2007.8.15

Completion time: 2009.6.15


Project introductionBenguela Health Centre, located in Graca area of Benguela city, covers an area of 7796.4 m2, with a total construction area of 1940.1 m2. Monomer construction areas are respectively: the main buildings of 1757.56 m2, the equipment room of 72.80 m2, a mortuary of 109.74 m2 and driveway and parking lot area of 1489.6 m2. The main building of Health center accommodates 9 clinic rooms, 5 sickrooms with total 18 beds, a relatively independent and fully functional delivery room, as otherwise the test area, office area and logistics area (kitchen, laundry room, dining room),and two parking lots, with 22 parking spaces.


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