The Preliminary Work of Ivirizu Hydropower Station Engineering of Bolivia Was Carried Out In An All-Round Way
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On December 11th, the preliminary workofNo. 1 section of Ivirizu Hydropower Station engineering which was built by our company was carried out in full swing, and was promoted quickly.

The No. 1 section of Ivirizu Hydropower Station engineering includes the key dam body, open channel, the spillway, Discharge orifice, Ecological flow, Trash rack and Stilling pool etc. about the dam: It is RCC gravity dam, the height of dam is 125 meters, the distance of dam crest from the river is 90 meters, dam crest length is 324.50 meters, The maximum water storage elevation is 2175 meters, and the maximum water storage is 29,480,000 cubic meters, the capacity of dead water storage is 4,990,000 cubic meters. The minimum construction altitude is 2132.5 meters, the river way elevation is 2084 meters, the coffer elevation is 2170.5 meters, the maximum high-water elevation is 2175 meters, dam crest elevation is 2180.6 meters. The construction road is divided into 3 sections, the length of No. 1 road is 19.72 kilometers, No.2 is 104 meters, No .3 is 949.336 meters.

The project department needs to complete the clearing of 129 hectares of debris (vegetation) and forest clearance, the excavation of 940,000 cubic meters of earth, the 260,000 cubic meters of earth filling, 120,000 cubic meters of temporary construction demolition, 900,000 cubic meters of concrete pouring, fabrication and installation of 2757 tons of steel and 71,900 cubic meters of bolt of bolt, 1050 meters of M3 spray, 47 ,400 meters of foundation grouting and drainage hole and 956 tons of metal structure fabrication in 1050 days.

Up to now, 43 people and 17 sets of machines have been put into the project. Temporary camp, temporary road, construction site dressing, living area housing construction, material warehouse, mixing station, septic tank and other infrastructure have been launched in an all-round way. Construction area cleaning work is comprehensively promoted.

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