Full-scale Construction for the second stage of Soyo Road Project, Phase I in Angola
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Since the end of August, the main work of the first stage,Phase I of SoyoRoadProject inAngola, has basically been completed, andimmediately the project department started toorganize andcarry out the main work of the second stage, which is the left pavement work construction of K42 + 000-K104 + 909. By the end of November, a total of 273,147 cubic meters of natural sand and gravel subbase (63 km in double layer) and 68,589 cubic meters of gradedcrushed stonebasecourse(21 km in double layer) have been completed in the second stage, phase I, which accounting for 98% and 33% respectively.

In order to ensure the smooth implementation of the first-phase project and speed up the construction schedule ofthe second stage, Phase I to maximize to complete the subbase and parts of baseconstruction before the rainy season, the project department actively prepares and take measures to ensure the smooth implementation of the project. Firstly,weadjust theconstruction plan of K8 +850-K42 +000 left asphalt wearing course for the first stage,phaseI to reserves asphalt raw materialsforsmooth implementation of the second stage;Secondly, we adjust the production deployment of the yard area and step up the procurement of equipment accessorieson demand toreserve aggregates for the smooth implementation of the second-stage, Phase I; Thirdly, we actively communicate and negotiate with the supervisor to improve the construction technology of the gradedcrushed stonebase course and optimize and deepen thedesigndrawingsoflevel crossingsand ancillaryworks so as to create favorable conditions for the smooth implementation of the second stage, Phase I..

At present, the gradedcrushed stonebase course construction is being carried out in full swing at a speed of 1.5 km / day (except for rainy days), and affiliated protection,such as kerbstone, drainage ditches, slope protection and rapidsslot, anddrainage works are carried out in an orderly manner.

Next, all staff of the project department will respond positively to the relevant requirements raised by the owners about the progress of the secondstage, Phase I, showing the strength and brand image ofSinohydro toensure the successful completion of the remaining construction tasks in 2018.      

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